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Meet Maddie Rae

Hey everyone! My name is Maddie and I’m the founder of Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue and Slime Bash <3 


It all started nearly 6 years ago when I was only 11 years old! As most preteens at the time, I was OBSESSED with the slime craze. Eager to make slime immediately, I begged my dad to take me to the nearest craft store in search of all the supplies for slime. However, after searching through all the shelves and asking every employee, there was no sign of any glue! I knew I would not let this glue shortage stop me and the rest of the world from making slime so I decided to create my own glue. Except my glue would be SPECIFICALLY made for slime, containing the key slime-making ingredient, PVA (polyvinyl alcohol). After months of testing glue recipes, designing packaging, and creating my brand, I released in 2017 Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue on Amazon and select retailers including The Paper Store! 


Since the launch of Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue fans continuously reached out to me for more products that they were unable to find in stores and online. Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue expanded over the years to be a complete line of Slime Making products. Check out my full line of slime products and let me know what you think of them!


Be creative, innovate and inspire!




Maddie Rae 

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